Down the road we go…

We are officially full-time on deputation now. My last day of work was June 14. We have moved our “headquarters” to Olive Hill, KY, staying with my parents between meetings. It is a much more central location for deputation, close to hundreds of KJV-IFB churches. I did one meeting alone in Florence, AL on the 16th, when I moved all our stuff to KY, then returned for the family and we hit the road together on the 20th. We had 2 meetings the 23rd, in Lyles, TN and Green Pond, AL. Good time at all 3 meetings, so far we haven’t come across any churches we wanted to run away from or anything like that! 🙂 We had some excitement with the vehicle, with the trailer tongue breaking and the tires and wheel bearings having to be replaced, but the Lord takes care of us. Thank you all for praying for us. Currently our prayer requests are for more meetings, as you can see there aren’t many on the board right now, also for safety in travels, and long-term for direction in the ministry in Romania, as our sponsoring missionary Chuck Zander has had to leave due to health issues. We hope to be working with his son Adam, but there have been a lot of changes that will impact the specifics of all that, so please pray about that.

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